25 Important Geography Questions for Class 7 To 12 Geography Gk Question And Answer | PDF

25 Important Geography  Questions Class 7 To 12 Geography Gk Question And Answer | PDF

25 Important Geography  Questions


25 General Knowledge Question On Geography. Every Student Must Know this Geography Gk QnA. Learn Geography Question And Answer PDF

1)         In which part of the Earth’s atmosphere is the Ozone layer present?

Ans :    Stratosphere

2)         Which part of the Earth’s atmosphere is suitable for radio communication?

Ans :    Ionosphere

3)         Which is the outermost layer of the Earth’s atmosphere?

Ans :    Exosphere

4)         Study of rock is called?

Ans :    Petrology

5)         Granite and Basalt are which type of rocks?

Ans :    Igneous rocks

6)         Which planet rotates from East to West?

Ans :    Venus

7)         Phobos and Deimos are satellites of which planet?

Ans :    Mars

8)         In which country the active volcano Mt Etna is located?

Ans :    Italy

9)         Which country is known as Land of Gold and Diamond?

Ans :    South Africa

10)          Capital of Nigeria is?

Ans :    Abuja

11)        Longest waterfall in the world is?

Ans :    Victoria Falls

12)        Name the flightless bird of the Kalahari desert?

Ans :    Ostrich

13)        The Victoria Fall was discovered by?

Ans :    David Livingston

14)        The temperate grassland of South Africa is called?

Ans :    High Veld

15)        The only river which crosses the Equator twice is?

Ans :    River Zaire

16)        The angular distance of a point on the Earth’s surface, measured in degrees from the center of the Earth is called?

Ans :    Lattitude

17)       The angular the distance measured in degrees along the equator, east or west of the Prime Meridian is called?

Ans :    Longitude

18)       The line that passes through 180 degrees East or West Meridian of longitude which falls on the opposite side of the Greenwich Meridian is called?

Ans :    International Date Line

19)       0 degree longitude that passes through Greenwich near London is called?

Ans :    Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)

20)       The 82 and 1/2 degree longitude that passes through Allahabad and is 5 and 1/2 hours ahead of the GMT is called?

Ans :    Indian Standard Time (IST)

21)       The two days during the year when the day and night are almost equal throughout the world because the sun shines vertically over the eQuator is called?

Ans :    EQuinox

22)       The an imaginary line that passes through the Earth midway between the North pole and the South pole is called?

Ans :    EQuator

23)      an imaginary line is drawn out on the global map from pole to pole and perpendicular to the EQuator is called?

Ans :    Meridian

24)       Deposition of organic and non-organic matter over a period of time produces which type of rocks?

Ans :    Sedimentary rocks

25)       Igneous and Sedimentary rocks undergo changes due to pressure and change in temperature under the Earth’s surface, this change led to the formation of which type of rock?

Ans :    Metamorphic rock

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