38 Important GK Question and Answer For All Competitive Exam

38 Important Gk Question and Answer For All Competitive Exam   


Important Gk Question and Answer For All Competitive Exam

1: What is the state animal of Punjab?

Ans: Blackbuck

2: Who gave the first budget after independence in India?

Ans: RK Shanmukham Chetty

3: Which is the largest desert in the world?

Ans: Sahara

4: When did Maharashtra and Gujarat become states?

Ans: 1 May 1960

5: Where is the White House?

Ans: Washington, DC

6: Tokyo is the capital of which country?

Ans: Japan

7: Where is Fatehpur Sikri?

Ans: Uttar Pradesh

8: Who discovered the electron?

Ans: JJ Thompson

9: In which session was the national anthem of India sung for the first time?

Ans: Calcutta Session

10: Who climbed Mount Everest 24 times?

Ans: Kami Rita Sherpa

11: Where is Gandhi Stadium?

Ans: Jalandhar

12: Who is the brand ambassador of Fair & Lovely?

Ans: Yami Gautam

13: Who founded the city of Jaunpur?

Ans: FIROZ Shah Tughlaq

14: When was Gurunanak Dev born?

Ans: 29 November 1469

15: Who is the CEO of Google?

Ans: Sundar Pichai

16: CEO of Mobikvik?

Ans: Bipin Preet Singh

17: Between whom was the Battle of Mandasaur fought?

Ans: The Battle of Mandasaur took place in Mandasaur, India between the army of the Maratha Empire and Jai Singh II of Amber

18: When was the first Chandrayaan launched?

Ans: 22 October 2008

19: Who is the CEO of Nokia?

Answer: Pekka Lundmark

20: How many articles are there in the Indian Constitution?

Answer: 470 articles

21: What acid is found in the human stomach?

Answer: HCl

22: What is the Tyndall effect?

Answer: Tyndol is effected by particles in colloids or in very fine salutation

23: I GB = ___MB

Ans: 1024

24: Who gave the slogan “Inquilab Zindabad”?

Ans: Bhagat Singh

25: When was the first radio broadcast in India?

Ans: June 1923

26: Who was the PM of India in 1977?

Ans: Morarji Desai and Indira Gandhi

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27: What process is used to increase the stiffness of rubber?

Answer: Vulcanization

28: Who is the first Muslim director of INC?

Ans: Badruddin Tayebji

29: How many members are there in UNO?

Ans: 193

30: Which is the cleanest city in India?

Ans: Indore

31: Who wrote the book “Why am I a Hindu”?

Ans: Shashi Tharoor

32: Which film won the Oscar Award in 2018?

Answer: The Shape of Water

33: When was the Human Rights Commission established in India?

Ans: October 12, 1993

34: What is laughing gas??

Answer: Nitrous oxide

35: Which part of the heart is responsible for blood circulation?

Answer: Left ventricle

36: What is the complete form of TCP / IP?

Answer: Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol

37: What is called kidney study?

Answer: Nephrology

38: What is the scientific name of opium poppy?

Ans: Papaver somniferum

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