51 List Of The Father Of The Various Feilds In English | Gk | Current Affairs

Father of Various fields

51 List Of The Father Of The Various Feilds For interviews, entrance exams, competitive exams, current affairs, and for General knowledge.

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51 List Of The Father Of The Various Feilds In English | Gk | Current Affairs



1)        Father of the Nation :

Ans   Mahatma Gandhi


2)        Father of Modern India :

Ans Raja Ram Mohan Roy


3)        Father of Peasant Movement :

Ans   N. G. Ranga


4)        Father of Paleobotany :

Ans Birbal Sahni


5)        Father of Blue Revolution :

Ans   Hiralal Chaudhari


6)        Father of Green Revolution :

Ans   M. S. Swaminathan


7)        Father of White Revolution :

Ans   Verghese Kurien


8)        Father of Veterinary Science :

Ans Shalihotra


9)        Father of Civil Aviation :

Ans J. R. D. Tata


10)      Father of Air Force :

Ans Subroto Mukerjee


11)      Father of Civil Engineering :

Ans Sir Mokshagundam Vishweshvaraiah


12)      Father of Surgery :

Ans Sushruta


13)      Father of Microbiology :

Ans Antonie Philips Van Leeuwenhoek


14)      Father of Modern Astronomy :

Ans Nicolaus Copernicus


15)      Father of Linguistic Democracy :

Ans Potti Sreeramulu


16)      Father of Constitution :

Ans B.R Ambedkar


17)      Father of Modern Economics :

Ans Mahadev Govind Ranade


18)      Father of Modern Economic Reforms :

Ans Manmohan Singh


19)      Father of Nuclear/Atomic Program :

Ans Homi J. Bhabha


20)      Father of Space Program :

Ans   Vikram Sarabhai


21)      Father of Missile Program :

Ans   A. P. J. Abdul Kalam


22)      Father of Comic Books :

Ans Anant Pai


23)      Father of Geography :

Ans James Rennell


24)      Father of Cinema :

Ans    Dadasaheb Phalke


25)      Father of Nuclear Physics:

Ans   Ernest Rutherford


26)      Father of Computer Science :

Ans George Boole and Alan Turing


27)      Father of Classification :

Ans Carl linneaus


28)      Father of Evolution :

Ans Charles Darwin


29)      Father of modern Olympic :

Ans   Pierre De Coubertin


30)      Father of Numbers :

Ans   Pythagoras


31)      Father of Genetics :

Ans Gregor Mendel


32)      Father of Internet :

Ans Vint Cerf


33)      Father of Botany :

Ans   Theophrastus


34)      Father of Electricity :

Ans    Benjamin Franklin


35)      Father of Electronics :

Ans   Michael Faraday


36)      Father of Television :

Ans    Philo Farnsworth


37)      Father of Nuclear Chemistry :

Ans   Otto Hahn


38)      Father of Periodic Table :

Ans    Dmitri Mendeleev


39)      Father of Geometry :

Ans   Euclid


40)      Father of Ayurveda :

Ans    Dhanwantari


41)      Father of Modern Medicine :

Ans    Hippocrates


42)      Father of Computer :

Ans   Charles Babbage


43)      Father of Astronomy :

Ans    Copernicus


44)      Father of Economics :

Ans   Adam Smith


45)      Father of Biology :

Ans   Aristotle


46)      Father of History :

Ans   Herodotus


47)      Father of Homeopathy:

Ans    Heinemann


48)      Father of Zoology :

Ans   Aristotle


49)      Father of Blood groups :

Ans   Landsteiner


50)      Father of Blood Circulation :

Ans   William Harvey


51)      Father of Bacteriology :

Ans   Louis Paster


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