OPSC (GK) Questions and answers General Knowledge (Gk) Question | GkqnaExam

 OPSC Questions and answers General Knowledge (Gk) Question | GkqnaExam


Aspirants for various competitive exams can refer to this Post as an easy reference and can practice them here. The questions are set as per the standards of different Competitive examinations. Each and every topic will be covered when someone goes across this site. you also find the questions and answers of the previous year’s UPSC/OPSC examinations.

OPSC Questions and answers General Knowledge (Gk) Question | GkqnaExam

1.  The United nations world Youth Skill day is observed on:

(a)   10th  Jul

(b)  15th Jul

(c)  17th Jul

(d)  31st  Jul

Ans : (b)

2.  Which state government has launched a Smartphone Application  i-Hariyalli to increase the green cover?

(a)   Haryana

(b)  Kerala

(c)  Punjab

(d)  Rajasthan

Ans : (c)

3.  Which of the following states in the India has maximum number of UNESCO world heritage site.

(a)  Maharastra

(b)  Odisha

(c)  Karnataka

(d)  Tamilnadu

Ans : ( a )

4.  Who has been honoured with the 2018 Sri Jaydev Rastriya Yuva Prativa Award?

(a)   Ruchi Sharma

(b)  Manisha Gulyani

(c)  Anindita Anam

(d)  Anupam Kher

Ans : (c)

5.  Which Indian-America personality has become the first Sout Asian to be elected in Oregon in the Western USA.

(a)   Sushila Jayapal

(b)  Satya Atluri

(c)  Akhil Amar

(d)  Majarin banaji

Ans : (a)

6.  CV Rajendran who died recently associated with:

(a)   Journalism

(b)  Film Industry

(c)  Science

(d)  Sports

Ans : (b)

7.  Kazo Ishiguro won:

(a)   UNISCO Award for Literature

(b)  Best Man of Literature in UK

(c)  Nobel Prize for Literature in 2017

(d)  Best Literature Award in EU

Ans : (c)

8.  The Chakra shila Wildlife Santuary is located in:

(a)   Assam

(b)  Tripura

(c)  Meghalaya

(d)  Uttar Pradesh

Ans : (a)

9.   Which country has renamed part of the South China sea as the North Natuna sea

(a)   Indonesia

(b)  Malaysia

(c)  Brunei

(d)  Philippines

Ans : (a)

10.  Which one is not a statutory body

(a)   Finance Commission

(b)  UPSC

(c)  NITI Ayog

(d)  Election Commission

Ans : (c)

11.  Which Indian Personality has been appointed  as public policy fellow Woodrow Wilson International Centre for Scholars ?

(a)   Nirupama Rao

(b)  Rakesh Sood

(c)  G Parthasarathi

(d)  Srinivasa Sinha

Ans : (a)

12.  The world milk day is observed on

(a)   15th may

(b)  25th May

(c)  1st June

(d)  15th June

Ans : (c)

13.   Where is the Headquarter of the United Nations Economics and Social council ?

(a)   Vienna

(b)  Rome

(c)  Paris

(d)  New York

Ans : (d)

14.   Which venue is selected for 2024 Olympic Games?

(a)   Los Angeles

(b)  Paris

(c)  Sydney

(d)  Rome

Ans : (b)

15.   Which commission under the British rule prepared the Famine rule?

(a)  Welby Commission

(b)  Strachey Commission

(c)  Hunter Commission

(d)  None of the above

Ans : (b)

16.   The Session of all parties muslim  conference held at Delhi on 31 Dec 1928 was presided over by:

(a)  Aga Khan

(b)  Mohd Shafi

(c)  Mohd Ali Jinnah

(d)  Fajli Hussain

Ans : (b)

17.   During the Rajput Perio, the expression vinay stithi sthapak was used in administration for :

(a)   Chief of the Army

(b)  Chief of the Treasury

(c)  Manager of the Palace

(d)  Chief of the Court

Ans : (b)

18.   Who started the news paper Indian socialist abroad?

(a)   Veer Savakar

(b)  Lala hardayal

(c)  Bhupender Dutt

(d)  Shyamji Krishna verma

Ans : (d)

19.   In which of the sessions, the Congress declared its policy towards Indian states for the first time?

(a)   Nagpur Session

(b)  Calcutta Session

(c)  Gaya Session

(d)  Lucknow Session

Ans : (a)

20.   Who was the author of the book the “The problems of the East”

(a)  Lawrence

(b)  Lytton

(c)  Curzon

(d)  Churchill

Ans : (c)

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