Change the Voice: -----------------------------------

1. Ram helps Hari. Ans. Hari is helped by Ram. 2. The mason is building the wall. Ans. The wall is being built by the mason. 3. The peon opened the gate. Ans. The gate was opened by the peon. 4. He will finish the work in fortnight. Ans. The work will be finished by him in fortnight.

5. Who did this? Ans. By whom was this done? 6. Why did your brother write such a letter? Ans. Why was such a letter written by your brother? 7. We prohibit smoking. Ans. Smoking is prohibited by us. 8. Open your book. Ans. You are requested to open your book. OR Let your book be opened. 9. God bless you! Ans. May you be blessed by God!

10. Do not insult the weak. Ans. You are suggested not to insult the weak. OR Let the weak not be insulted. 11. Raj ate the chocolates. Ans. Chocolates were eaten by Raj. 12. Ramesh has painted a picture. Ans. A picture has been painted by Ramesh. 13. My watch was stolen. Ans. Somebody stole my watch. 14. Was the money found by you? Ans. Did you find the money?

14. Was the money found by you? Ans. Did you find the money? 15. Keep quiet, please. Ans. You are requested to keep quiet. 16. The Jadejas built the tower. Ans. The tower was built by the Jadejas. 17. My sister is writing a short story. Ans. A short story is being written by my sister.

18. Who has kept his seat vacant? Ans. By whom has this seat been kept vacant? 19. Sit down, please. Ans. You are requested to sit down. 20. They are playing cricket. Ans. Cricket is being played by them.